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China Strategic Review - 11-12/2022
Release Time:2022-12-31
Utilizing the Coordinated Regional Development to Accomplish the Modernization through the Chinese Path
Li Qingsi/Hu Yukun

The 20th CPC National Congress has revealed the essence and content of Chinese modernization, set out the practical arrangements, pictured the promising future. This path is a marvelous modernization path, which is rooted in the Chinese realistic situation, pursues the entire global development, complements the human civilization and is inherently different with the western modernization path. Trying to answer why we can’t follow the existing western modernization path, this article bases on the perspective of coordinated regional development, illustrates the nature and innate content of the Chinese modernization path, analyzes its necessarity, and discusses how to fulfill the goal  more creatively at higher level, with better efforts and higher efficiency.  Also, this article has considered from the perspective of regional coordinated development, suggestes we should foster the growth pole dynamically, accumulate advanced development patterns in those pilot grounds for reform and opening-up, achieve the free flow of factors.

The Scientific Connotation and Theoretical Logic of Building the New Development Paradigm: A Non-competitive Input-output Analysis
Lin Weibin/Wu Jiayi/Shi Faqi

Fostering  a new  development paradigm with  domestic  circulation as the mainstay  and domestic and international circulations reinforcing each other is a major strategy for China to take the initiative  in  future  development.  This  paper  recognizes  the  value  flow  of imports  in  the  economic circulation through the non-competitive input-output model, so as to accurately measure the contribution of domestic and foreign demand to economic growth and the reliance of domestic production system on international  supply  chain,  and  on this basis, to understand the  new  development paradigm  from  the perspectives of demand and supply. We find that: first, the share of GDP driven by export decreases from 20.8% in 2010 to 14.8% in 2018, and its contribution rate to economic growth decreases from 10.4% in 2010  to  4.2%  in  2018; the role  of foreign  demand  in  driving  economic  growth  tends to be  smaller, suggesting China՚s economy has been shifting to a paradigm with domestic circulation as the mainstay. Second, in 36 of the 40 industrial sectors of the national economy, the share of value added driven by foreign demand tends to decline, but there remain 17 sectors such as communications, computer and other electronic equipment manufacturing, textile industry, where the share of their value added driven by foreign demand still exceeds 20%, implying that the international market still plays an important role under the new development  paradigm.  Third,  key  sectors  such  as  communications,  computer  and  other  electronic equipment  manufacturing,  instrumentation  manufacturing  which  have  heavy  reliance  on  international supply chain are the major field to improve independent innovation ability, guarantee national economic security  and  enhance  economic  competitiveness  when  fostering  the  new  development paradigm.  This research provides a quantitative basis for understanding the new development paradigm, helps to grasp the mechanism and connotation of fostering the new development paradigm more accurately, and puts forward more targeted policy suggestions.

Comprehensively Promoting the Construction of a Chinese-style Modern System
Yang yiyong/Deng Fangfang

The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China systematically expounded the basic connotation of "Chinese-style modernization" for the first time, pointing out the direction for comprehensively promoting Chinese-style modernization in the future. In order to build the modernization of socialism with Chinese characteristics under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, this paper proposes that Chinese-style modernization is a comprehensive modernization, including political modernization, economic modernization, social modernization, cultural modernization and ecological civilization modernization. To promote Chinese-style modernization, we must do a good job in the "five persistences", that is, always adhere to the correct leadership of the Communist Party of China, always adhere to the people-centered value orientation, always adhere to the combination of effective market and promising government, always adhere to the social coordination with the participation of the whole people, and always adhere to the governance model of governing the country according to law. On the new road of catching up with the exam, the Communist Party of China will lead the Chinese people to create a new path of Chinese-style modernization and a new form of human civilization.

The Theoretical Logic and Advancing Path of Constructing the National Unified Big Market
Huang Yanfen/Liu Zhicheng

Building a unified national market is a major plan made by the central government from a strategic and overall perspective. It is of great significance to building a new development pattern, promoting high-quality development, building a strong domestic market, and promoting scientific and technological innovation and industrial upgrading. Actively yet prudently proceed with unified national construction market has to deal with the efficient market and promising, the all-round and breakthroughs made in key areas, the central government as a whole and local integration, deepen the reform and opening wider to the outside important relations on the basis of four aspects, such as improving factor market, resources, environment, commodity service market of unity and efficiency of resource allocation, We will continue to carry out key tasks such as unifying basic systems, market facilities, market regulation, and removing market barriers.

A Perspective of German Market Differentiation: Are the Dual Cycle Pattern and the Division of Global Technology Camps Coupling or Hedging?
Zhang Yi/Wang Zhanpeng

With China's proposal in 2020 to build a new development pattern with domestic circulation as the main body while domestic and international double circulation promoting each other, the EU market and German market are gradually turning to the internal market. There are many reasons. Among them, "Strategic Autonomy" and "digital sovereignty" are the top priorities of Europeans' current industrial policies, and their economic and political interests are completely different from China's perspective. There are many variables in the impact of German political party disputes on Sino-German economic and trade relations. In addition, the geographical division of the global technology camp is also the background of global market differentiation and German economic conservative policies. In the context of shrinking markets in Germany and the euro area, deepening China Germany digital cooperation and optimizing China EU economic and trade exchanges are important opportunities to engage the "gears" of the two value chains of the East and the West.

Methodology in International Studies
Yu Sui

The methods I learned from my 65 years of international study can be summed up as follows: To conduct a follow-up study with an open and updated mind; To brush up on the international issues from a historical perspective; To master the laws of development with a dialectic approach.

The High Complementarity in China-EU Win-Win Cooperation Despite an Inevitable Recession in EU
Li Changjiu

On October 10, 2022, an article published on El Mundo website wrote about the serious situation faced by the European Union, “Politically Overwhelmed, institutionally paralyzed, suffering from war fatigue, energy and economic crisis. ” A Bulgarian political scholar believes that the coming six months may be the most difficult times in the history of the European Union. He said that the cold winter was coming, energy and fuel prices were soaring, interest rates were rising, mortgages became more expensive, boilers and the real economy were freezing, and internal tensions were also rising.

On the other hand, the trade volume between China and the EU exceeded 800 billion US dollars for the first time in 2021. China is already the EU's largest trading partner, with two-way investment exceeding 270 billion US dollars. During the worst period of the COVID-19 epidemic in the world, China continuously provided anti-epidemic and epidemic prevention materials to EU countries and residents. At a time when the cold is approaching, China's heating equipment and "Winter eight-piece suite" are continuously supplied to EU countries and residents. At a time when the EU is facing a crisis, China has once again provided timely assistance.

Top 10 International News of 2022
Sun Haichao

The year 2022 marked the transformation of the world from chaos and confrontation to division and war. The geopolitical environment remains tense. Global governance is seriously inadequate. Food and energy crises are compounded with one another. The world economy is getting more fragile. Peace and development, the theme of our times, were disrupted. The world is facing unprecedented changes of the world, of our times and of history which are still in the ascendant.

1. Joint Statement of the Leaders of the Five Nuclear-Weapon States on Preventing Nuclear War and Avoiding Arms Races

2. Peacekeeping Troops Sent to Kazakhstan by Collective Security Treaty Organization 

3. The Successful Beijing Winter Olympics Highly Praised by the International Community

4. The Special Military Operation Lauched by Russia in the Donbas Region of Ukraine  

5. The Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity Launched by the United States with Japan, Republic of Korea and India  

6. The 14th BRICS Summit and High-level Dialogue on Global Development

7. US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Provocative Taiwan Visit

8. The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Successfully Convened

9. The Fierce Fight in the US Midterm Elections Exposing Deep Divides in American Society

10. World leaders at the Bali G20 Summit Focusing on Common Challenges

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