Executive Vice Director of CISS Ma Jiali Hosted Symposium on 2016 Hot International Topics
Release Time:2016-12-22

On December 21, the executive vice director of Center for International Strategic Studies (CISS) Ma Jiali hosted a symposium on 2016 Hot Political Topics in China Reform Forum.

Participants expressed their views on topics of "Changes to the World Power Structure", "Great Power Relations", "China's Peripheral Diplomacy" and "One Belt One Road Initiative".

Speakers included:

Ding Yuanhong, CRF Senior Adviser, Former Chinese Ambassador to Swiss, Belgium and the European Union

Zhu Chenghu, Major General, Former Dean of China's National Defense University

Qian Wenrong, CRF Councilor, Research Fellow at Xinhua Center for World Affairs

Ni Feng, Deputy Director of the Institute of American Studies at CASS

Zhou Gang, CRF Senior Adviser, Former Chinese Ambassador to India, Pakistan and Indonesia

Zhou Hong, CRF Vice Chairman, Deputy Director of Academy Division of International Studies of CASS

Sheng Shiliang, Research Fellow of Xinhua Center for World Affairs Studies

Gong Xianfu, Vice-President of China Institute for International Strategic Studies

Zhang Tuosheng, Director of the Department of Research at the China Foundation for International and Strategic Studies

Gao Zugui, Deputy Director of International Institute for Strategic Studies of the Central Party School

Ai Ping, Former Vice-Minister of International Department of CPC Central Committee

Yu Meihua, Executive Vice Director of Center for East Asia Studies (CEAS) of CRF

Wang Haifeng, Director of International Economics at the Institute for International Economic Research, Under the National Development and Reform Commission

Rong Ying, Vice President of the China Institute of International Studies

Zhang Xuegang, Deputy Director for Southeast Asia and Oceania Studies Of China Institute of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR)

Ma Jian, CRF Councilor, Deputy Director of the General Staff Operations Intelligence Center 

Wang Jing, Deputy Director of the Office of the Border Defense Committee of the General Staff operations department 

Wang Junli, CRF Vice Chairman, Deng Junbin, Former Counselor of Chinese Embassy to India and Liu Dun from Central Policy Research Office of the CPC Central Committee attended this meeting. 

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