Latest Issue: China Strategic Review - November/December 2022
Release Time:2022-12-31


December 28, 2022

Opening Remarks

Utilizing the Coordinated Regional Development to Accomplish the Modernization through the Chinese Path

Li Qingsi & Hu Yukun

Themed Studies

The Scientific Connotation and Theoretical Logic of Building the New Development Paradigm: A Non-competitive Input-output Analysis

Lin Weibin & Wu Jiayi & Shi Faqi

Comprehensively Promoting the Construction of a Chinese-style Modern System 

Yang yiyong & Deng Fangfang

The Theoretical Logic and Advancing Path of Constructing the National Unified Big Market

Huang Yanfen & Liu Zhicheng

A Perspective of German Market Differentiation: Are the Dual Cycle Pattern and the Division of Global Technology Camps Coupling or Hedging? 

Zhang Yi & Wang Zhanpeng


Methodology in International Studies

Yu Sui

The High Complementarity in China-EU Win-Win Cooperation Despite an Inevitable Recession in EU

Li Changjiu

Top 10 International News of 2022

Sun Haichao

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