Bei Yuan Syposium
Bei Yuan Symposium on the Past and Future Development of the Korean Peninsula Held in CRF
Release Time:2015-12-08

On December 8, the executive vice director of Center for East Asia Studies (CEAS) Yu Meihua hosted a "Retrospect and Prospect" Symposium discussing the situation of the Korean Peninsula.

Participants expressed their views on issues of "The General Situation and Characteristics of the Korean Peninsula", "Economic Development and Cooperation in China-North Korea", "Prospects for China-North Korea Relations", "Changes and Implications of U.S., Japan and Russia Policies toward Korean Peninsula".

Speakers included:

Jin Qiangyi, Director of School of Northeast Asian Studies,Yanbian University 

Wang Haifeng, Director of International Economics at the Institute for International Economic Research, Under the National Development and Reform Commission, Professor of Yanbian University 

Wang Yisheng, CRF Councilor 

Yu Shaohua, Senior Research Fellow and Director of department for Asia-Pacific Security and Cooperation Studies at China Institute of International Studies

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