Bei Yuan Syposium
Bei Yuan Symposium on the Impact of Ukraine Crisis on Europe and China-Europe Relatoions Held in CRF
Release Time:2015-04-24

On April 24, 2015, CRF Senior Advisor and former Chinese ambassador to the EU Ding Yuanhong hosted a conference discussing the European situation after the Ukraine crisis.

Spearkers expressed their views on the current European situation and the development of China-Europe relations centering on the topics of "Ukraine Crisis", "One Belt One Road Strategy" and "Asian investment bank".

Speakers included:

Chen Xin, Head of the Department of European Economy at the Institute of European Studies, CASS

Feng Zhongping, CRF Councilor, Vice President of China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations 

General Pan Zhenqiang, CRF Senior Adviser, Former Director of Strategy Institute at China’s National Defense University

Qian Wenrong, CRF Councilor, Senior Fellow of Center for World Affairs Studies at Xinhua News Agency

Wang Haifeng, Director of International Economics at the Institute for International Economic Research, Under the National Development and Reform Commission

Zhou Hong, CRF vice chairman, Member of the Academic Divisions of CASS, Deputy Director of Academy Division of International Studies of CASS 


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